Are you a practitioner? Want to know more about enzymes?

What are enzymes?

There are different kinds of digestive enzymes

There are several different types of digestive enzymes, each playing a unique role in breaking down the various components of the food we eat. These enzymes are produced by different organs in the digestive system, and work together to ensure that the food we eat is properly broken down and absorbed by the body, providing better nutrition.

Sources of enzymes

Understanding the source of supplementary enzymes is crucial for optimal digestive support. The market offers two primary types – animal and plant-derived enzymes. At Lifestyle Enzymes, we exclusively utilise plant-derived enzymes, which are natural and potent solutions for improved digestion and overall health.

Our enzymes offer efficacy and compatibility with the body’s natural processes. We use only the highest quality and finest plant-derived enzymes available with Lifestyle Enzymes. Opt for our plant derived enzymes and experience the benefits of improved digestion and overall wellness.

Active and inactive ingredients

Active ingredients are components in a product that provide its intended therapeutic effect, while inactive ingredients, otherwise referred to as excipients, are components that do not directly contribute to the therapeutic effect, but may still play an important role in the product’s overall effectiveness, safety, and tolerability.