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Our Story

Established in 2004, Lifestyle Enzymes is a proud Australian-owned and operated family wholesale distribution business located in Noosaville, Queensland. We specialise in providing high-quality digestive enzymes that play a crucial role in improving digestion and promoting proper nutrition.

Our mission is to restore people to good health by ensuring improved digestion through the power of digestive enzymes.

Discover the difference that Lifestyle Enzymes can make in your life. Trust in our expertise, dedication, and commitment to providing the highest quality digestive enzymes available.

The Visionary Founder Who Pioneered the Availability of Digestive Enzymes in Australia

Did you know that the availability of approved digestive enzymes in Australia owes much to the vision and dedication of our late founder, Robert McIlroy ND.Through his tireless efforts, the enzymes Protease, Lipase, Cellulase, Tilactase, and Amylase were approved to be supplied in Australia. As a result, we are proud to offer a range of practitioner-only digestive enzyme products formulated specifically for health practitioners.

Australian Owned
Australian Operated

Where we are now

In 2016, Kerri Jensen and her husband, Wayne, took over the reins of Lifestyle Enzymes. With 15 years of experience working alongside Robert in all aspects of the business, Kerri shares the same passion and belief in the power of enzyme therapy. Under Kerri’s guidance, we have successfully transitioned from a thriving practitioner clinic to a highly respected wholesale distribution business that serves customers across Australia.