Are you a practitioner? Want to know more about enzymes?


Frequently asked questions about enzymes

It is best to take your digestive enzymes with the first few mouthfuls of food at the beginning of a meal, as our vegetarian enzymes begin digesting food almost immediately in the upper stomach.  If you forget, take the enzymes when you remember, as there may still be food in your stomach. 

If you experience impaired digestion, the enzymes can help to breakdown the foods we eat into nutrients that your body can readily absorb.

Firstly, it is best to take the enzyme capsules at the start of the meal, if you forget, it’s not too late to take them at the end of the meal or afterwards. If you know your body is sensitive then start with just one capsule per meal for one or two weeks to allow your body to get used to supplementing with digestive enzymes. 

Take the amount of capsules you need to feel comfortable after eating, then another one or two capsules with water on going to bed. Most people may get quick relief from any digestive distress after taking one or two capsules with water any time of the day or night.