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3 Survival Tips To Stay Healthier Over Christmas

stay healthier over christmas

If you are looking for survival tips to stay healthier over Christmas, then read further as we look at what you put in your mouth, your digestion and exercise.

Here are our top 3 survival tips to stay healthier over Christmas:

  • Take extra digestive enzymes with meals
  • Think about what you eat
  • Keep up your exercise

Take extra digestive enzymes with meals

You know that feeling of being bloated, not being able to eat anymore and wanting to take a nap after lunch…well, this happens to many people during Christmas whilst celebrating this season. Try taking extra enzymes when you feel this way, as they help to digest your food (at any time – day or night), your bloating should improve and you shouldn’t feel as tired. Also, to help bring your system back into balance, consider taking a probiotic.

Think about what you eat

Enjoy delicious food during this Christmas season, but do take time to think about what you are eating so that you don’t overdo it. Overeating and eating too much rich, fatty food and drinking excess alcohol can put extra stress on your body as well as your immune system.

Keep up your exercise

Keep up your exercise during the ‘silly season’ to counter your extra food intake and to help you stay fit and healthy. Whether you go for a swim in the pool or at the beach, do a gym or yoga session, have a walk after dinner when it’s cool, or play cricket in the backyard with the family – make the time for it and have fun.


Our survival tips to stay healthier over Christmas will go a long way toward looking after your health. If you would like to order some enzymes to help you get through the Christmas season, give us a call or have a look at our website.  Always read the label.  Use only as directed.