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Enzymes - Miracle Workers

Our Founder’s Story

In my mid 50’s, I was suffering from sub-standard health which seemed to relate directly to my inability to digest any foods thoroughly. I suffered poor sleep, blood-sugar irregularities, pains and aches – complaints which are common for people in that age group. I visited orthodox doctors, medical specialists, nutritionists, etc, and was told, “There is nothing wrong with you, it’s all in your head. Suggest you reduce your stress levels.”

I decided to drop all my world travels and the business I had owned for fifteen years to study naturopathy. After intense study for four years, I was able to commence a practice which lasted for seventeen years. This adventure has been most rewarding. Mixing with other practitioners, along with a great deal of research, I was diagnosed as having severe gluten intolerance. Avoiding all gluten relieved many of my health problems, but much damage had been done to my gut from eating for decades wholegrain breads and cereals all smothered with wheat-germ.

Seventeen years ago, I met with an American doctor who was visiting Australia and who had changed his allegiance from orthodox medicine to complementary medicine. He introduced me to fungal-derived enzymes and my health improved literally overnight! Since then I have been taking these enzymes daily with each meal, as well as one or two capsules on retiring at night (to improve sleep).

So that I could provide patients with a good mix of enzymes, I decided to set up my own brand of enzyme supplements, ‘Lifestyle Enzymes’, the capsules being manufactured in the USA, using my own formulas. There are former patients living in my area who have become friends over the past twenty years and have taken these enzymes daily. These days, their overall health and wellbeing in comparison to that of their peers is remarkable.

The two most important things that have had a major influence on my ability to help patients coming to me for advice are: firstly, to introduce them to digestive enzymes and, secondly, to advise them to eliminate various foods/substances from their diet, as these have an enormous impact on how they felt. I’m a great believer in the book, Eat Right 4 Your Type – particularly the ‘foods to avoid’ list!

When I had health troubles all those years ago, I tried Betaine hydrochloride (hydrochloric acid), and from time to time I would suffer burning and reflux. After a week or two the pains in my hands, arms and neck would worsen, and I realised my blood was becoming too acidic. I also tried Pancreatin produced from pig pancreas, which seemed to help a bit, but there was still a missing link.

We now know that animal-derived enzymes have no digestive activity in the stomach as their pH range is limited, when compared to fungal enzymes. Furthermore, there is no enzyme from animal sources that can break down the fibre in our plant foods. Also, we need to take enormous amounts of lipase from animal-sourced enzymes to be able to break down fats – which I’ve always had problems digesting. The fungal-derived enzyme formulas containing protease, amylase, lipase, and cellulase cover all the major components in our everyday diets.

During the seventeen years I was in practice, I provided consultations for many thousands of patients of all ages. I am able to say categorically that 85% of my patients were enzyme deficient, some needing supplementation for a few months, with the majority needing it for the rest of their lives.

I have found from experience that there is much to gain by supplementing with a high quality fungal-derived enzyme formula for every member of the family, or whenever anyone is distressed from overeating, or feels tired after meals, or has consumed liquids with a meal.

My suggestion is to try a 100% food enzyme supplement for 30 days and see how much better you feel. The supplement is best taken with the first few mouthfuls of food.  Always read the label.  Use only as directed.

Robert C McIlroyRobert C McIlroy ND (Retired)
Founder of Lifestyle Enzymes